Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sugar Addiction

Christmas cupcakes and cookies


My favorite cookies - Chocolate Chip
Lately I've been obsessed with baking. I have been making cupcakes, cookies, pies, etc. This is not a healthy trend. Even my dance teacher mentioned that I have been on a sugar high lately and that he was concerned I might develop diabetes if I didn't stop. Not a good sign.

So I went home and threw out all the goodies and made a shopping list. Instead of the high sugar, high carb goodies I bought low fat yogurt, fresh fruit, unsalted nuts, unsweetened applesauce, raisins, protein shakes and granola for my dessert.
I bought lots of vegetables for my meals and  made one of my favorite side dishes: butternut squash and potato mix for dinner this week. I also make turkey chili - another favorite.


I n addition to my sugar adiction I have been slacking off on my exercise routine. So I revamped my schedule and wrote in my datebook when I plan to exercise every this month. If I write it in my datebook it's like an important appointment I have to keep.  

I'm so grateful our basement ha a great gym. It's so nice on those miserable days not to have to go out to the gym. The gym also has a large space to do floor exercises like yoga and Pilate's and there are weights for strength training, exercise ballls and floor mats. If we had a pool it would be ideal.

So my New Year's Resolution is to get off my fanny and get back on track. After all this work I don't want to slide back to the old me. What's your New Year's Resolution? I hope it's one that includes a healthy you!


  1. Twas the season lots of sugary things. I think you deserved a 'break' from your iron-willed routine, so don't go beating yourself up ;0)
    Didn't make a Resolution, I have no idea what to 'resolve' to be honest - this could be a very good (or a very bad!)thing LOL.

    1. Thansk or your support but I did go over board this year.

      You're probably better off not making a New Year's Resolution one less thing to worry about.

  2. Remember, even God rested on the 7th day - you're allowed. And trust me after a couple of weeks off work for the Holidays, I'll be waddling back to work tomorrow :0)